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Fair Trade Jewelry Necklaces, Bracelets

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Fair trade earrings zulugrass Earrings - Kuponya (to heal)
You save $10.00!
Fair trade earrings zulugrass Earrings - Spice
You save $10.00!
Fair Trade The Andean Collection Avenida Earrings Fair trade earrings
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Inspiring Women Woven Bracelet - Friend Fair Trade Costa Bracelet - Ivory
You save $7.00!
Express your eco-friendly style with fair trade jewelry! At Our Green House we believe that what we wear should reflect what we love. What do we love? We love local artisans - like the Costa Ricans who make the super popular Puravida bracelets that can be worn alone or stacked in totally unique and awesome combinations. We love recycled materials - like the newspaper used to make the colorful Bead for Life necklaces, or the re-purposed glass bottles that became the elegant earrings from Blu Marble. We love handmade - like the shimmering hand-beaded Lily and Laura bracelets that come in more colors and combinations than you would have thought possible. We love jewelry with a cause - like the versatile Zulugrass jewelry that was born from the desire to support the Maasai women of Kenya while using only sustainable materials. What do you love? Browse our extensive collection of meaningful, fair trade jewelry and find the bracelet, necklace or accessory that speaks to you!