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Essential Oil Room Spray (For Body Too!) - Sea Salt

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Beach Life
Candles & Scents
Candles & Scents

Essential Oil Room Spray

made in usaeco friendly

Zum Mist from Indigo Wild is so much more than an all natural air freshener. Use it on your pillows for some bedtime aromatherapy, spritz some on your clean laundry as a dryer sheet alternative or even use it on yourself as a perfume. The scent of Sea Salt room and body spray can be described as a fresh sea breeze, salty sand that lingers on the skin and long days at the beach.

  • Scented with pure essential oils
  • 4 fl oz
  • Tip - Spray it in your car to trick your brain into thinking you are returning from an amazing trip to the beach

Indigo Wild could be considered the rock star of natural beauty products. It's the type of company that is always pushing the limits, trying new and crazy things. The kind of place that fights hard for the causes it believes in, with a vengeance. Indigo Wild's products are all vegetarian, and mostly vegan and gluten free. They strongly believe in using natural products and their list of "dirty words" (products they will NEVER use) is a list Our Green House can get behind!
Purified water, pure essential oils and vegetable glycerin
Made in Kansas City, Missouri. Indigo Wild prides itself on using only the purest all natural ingredients to make wonderfully scented products that are vegetarian and cruelty free.