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Fair Trade The Andean Collection Batik Mamba Bracelet - Bluebird

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Andean Collection goes global! We went all the way to Swaziland in Africa to create these beautiful designs. Intricate batik-dyed cotton wraps around each of these brightly colored bangles made of sisal fibers. They look great stacked three or five per wrist! Mix these single bangles with the double version to create the full look. The women behind Andean Collection have adventurous souls. From the beginning, our plan was to explore beyond the Andes to bring you the most innovative products made with the finest materials and techniques from around the world. Our first stop: Swaziland, located in southeast Africa. Yebo! Here in Swaziland, Andean Collection has teamed up with Baobab Batik, a workshop that employs more than 25 inspiring artisans from surrounding communities in the rural area of Ntondozi, in Swaziland, to create new fair trade designs. Baobab Batik’s mission is to create sustainable solutions for rural women in Swaziland through skill sharing and economic empowerment. These women each specialize in waxing, dyeing or sewing, combining their energy, talent and enthusiasm into each and every product.