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Glass Sippy Cup - Blue

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Feeding items
Feeding items

Blue Glass Sippy Cup for Toddlers

eco friendly

Less plastic is always better! Lifefactory glass doesn't leach plastics or metals into the beverages. Each sip tastes as pure and fresh as you intend it to. This 9 ounce Lifefactory glass sippy bottle is super safe and the perfect size for little hands.

  • Leak resistant
  • Steady flow control
  • Includes 9 oz bottle and sippy cap
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Durable
  • Protective silicone sleeve provides a non-slip gripping surface and helps prevent breakage
  • All components made in the US or Europe
  • Product assembled in the USA
  • All materials are FDA approved
  • BPA free and pthalate free

Lifefactory bottles and components are manufactured in the USA, France and Poland. All glass and some silicone nipples are made in France, classic caps are made in Poland, and all other components are made and assembled right here in the USA. Put it all together for the most stylish, safe and eco-friendly reusable bottles on the market.