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Hand Felted Elephant Slippers - Small (w 5-6)

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Friends of Animals, Deep Breath

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Looking for the perfect gift for the elephant lover in your life? Or maybe you are in the market for a comfortable and eco-friendly slipper for yourself? These elephant slippers are hand felted and hand stitched in a small village in Kyrgyzstan using all natural materials - so cool and unique!


  • Hand crafted by local artisans in Kyrgyzstan
  • Made from eco-friendly and locally sourced materials
  • Choose from size small, medium or large
    • small (w 5-6)
    • medium (w 7-8)
    • large (w 9-11, m 8-9)
  • A percentage of each purchase goes to the Orphan's Project, helping Elephants and Rhinos in need!