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High Quality White Ash for Incense Bowls - Shoyeido

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Home Sweet Home
Use this versatile White Ash in glazed ceramic incense bowls for stick, cones, wood chips, or kneaded incense.

Shoyeido incense makes a beautiful gift for a mother, teacher or friend. The Hata family has been creating Shoyeido traditional Japanese incense for 12 generations from only the finest raw materials. Believed to be the highest quality, most natural incense available anywhere on Earth, Shoyeido treat the production of their incense like a fine art form. Masters and artisans hand select the ingredients and process them with the utmost care to create a scent that is both subtle and intoxicating.

  • 1 bag of high quality white ash, 38 g.
  • Combine with Mica Plate, Square Charcoal A or Square Charcoal B
  • Use with stick incense, aromatic wood chips and granules, Kneaded Incense, Pressed Incense
Made in Japan