Buddy Walk - Mindful Mondays

Posted by Pam Davis on Jul 16th 2018

Buddy Walk - Mindful Mondays
Buddy Walk - I could not have made it through my kids teen years without my friend Joanne. One day at a kid's sporting event she gently suggested that maybe I would like to join her for a walk. What I thought was going to become an exercise routine, turned into something so much more.  It became my sacred time as a mom to center myself and work through whatever I was struggling with at the moment. I would like to share what I learned and encourage you to do the same. buddy walk

First of all choose this friend wisely!

  • Find a Good Listener - Find a person who is willing to listen
  • Upbeat Positive Person - I can’t emphasize this enough, the goal is not for you to take on the other person’s problems, but, to uplift each other so that you both feel rejuvenated after the walk.
  • Similar Interests
  • Trustworthy - someone that you can confide in without fear of telling others

Choose a Great Location

Choose an area in town that allows you to connect with nature. Preferably somewhere that is not super crowded that you will get interrupted.

Start Slowly

Let it build organically, so that you start to crave it as opposed to adding another “to do” to your list
  • Commit to 3x a week
  • 1/2 hour at a time
  • Weather - agree to go out in all kinds of weather (it adds to the mindfulness as you go through rain and snowdrifts)

No Electronics

agree to put the cell phones aside so that you can be focused on your walk and your time together

Pet Optional

Let your dogs in on the action. buddy walk Warning:  side effect may include toned legs. Share with a buddy that you think would make the perfect walking partner.