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4 Simple Steps to Make Your Own Gift Basket
  • "So often I order things like this & never really know what they're going to look like. You have a happy customer for life."

    - Sarah

  • "I really appreciate the variety of products that you offer and how easy it was to build my own basket."

    - Karin

  • "Well, I have to say, this is about as impressive as online ordering gets, what an amazing company!"

    - Peter

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As they began having children, owners Pam & Mike Davis sought out safe and healthy alternatives to use in their own home. Together they discovered new products, learned about the benefits of natural living, and felt compelled to share these discoveries with others.

Balancing work and family has always been the main focus, not only for them � but for their team as well. Encouraged to work from home, employees easily adapt their work schedules to the needs of their own families.

A growing awareness of what it means to be a socially conscious company inspired them to reach out to global communities, sourcing fair trade products that support the well-being of both artisan and consumer families.

Our Green House is committed to sourcing eco-friendly gifts that literally everyone will love. Each gift has a deeper meaning and purpose � positively impacting families and communities around the world.

Our exclusive organic baby gift baskets are carefully curated to reflect these values with heirloom quality products that are assembled with love. We proudly donate 5% of every gift basket to causes that we hold close to our hearts. We give back to 20 charities with the help of our compassionate customers.

We have worked closely with our corporate clients to create the perfect baby, realtor and thank you gift baskets that strengthen customer relations and create meaningful workplace bonds.

Customers rave about our make your own gift basket feature that allows them to create totally unique presentations for babies, kids and adults (pets too!) We keep this process very personalized every step of the way. We email photos of the gifts as they are being assembled and before shipment and we hand write each gift note. We have found so much joy in turning heartfelt sentiments into memorable gifts.