Corporate Gifts - Secret to Meaningful Relations

Posted by Melissa McKee on Apr 6th 2018

Corporate Gifts - Secret to Meaningful Relations

Corporate Gifts

We know that competition in the corporate world is tough and we all want repeat customers, but how do we keep clients coming back for more?

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While excellent customer service, flawless products, and creative marketing are obviously important, there has to be a way to edge out the rest and let your company shine. We have found it's that attention to detail, even personal detail, that can help a business to stand out. When you know there is a baby girl on the way or that your customer’s son is getting married in a month, you can take these opportunities to create a special relationship that becomes more than “business as usual.” It gives you an opportunity to celebrate with your client, creating a bond that is beneficial to both of you. When you can look at your customer base as more than just order numbers, you can feel more fulfilled in your work and that’s when the magic happens. The customers feel heard and understood and they keep coming back. They tell their friends and those friends become your friends and business just grows and grows.

Ok, so now we’ve let you in on our secret of how to create that ever-growing customer base, but how exactly can you create these special relationships?

Well, we thought to ourselves, how do we know when someone cares? You could have a generic item with your company logo produced in bulk. Hey, it works, it’s easy and it’s better than nothing, but it generally doesn’t get people posting on Instagram. A handwritten note, a meaningful gift, a unique gesture - these are the memorable acts that make a difference in how you relate to a customer. When choosing gifts, keeping it genuine and true to your brand is the key. Gifts with a lasting impact like a handknit baby blanket to treasure or a beautifully bound journal to record memories in - these are the gifts that stand out. We’ve seen businesses give gifts for every occasion (birthdays, housewarmings, new pets, adoptions, etc) and for every sentiment too (“thanks for the extra effort”, “love having you on board”, “welcome to the family”). When the gifts we give have meaning, that customer/business relationship is made stronger.