Nature Sound Machine - Lakeside, White

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Feel your stress dissolve away as you listen to the sounds of an idyllic forest lake.  Birds, splashing water, ducks and crickets will tune you back into the natural world relax.  The sleek, wall mounted sound box is motion activated, making it ideal for an entryway, office, hallway, or anywhere you would like to carve out a little peace of mind.


  • Model: Relaxound Lakesidebox, model "White"
  • Sounds: splashing water, birds, ducks, crickets
  • Sound length: 2 minutes
  • Activation: via motion sensor (reacts to changes in light)
  • Technology: rechargeable battery, USB cable included
  • Materials: surface: plexiglas, body: plastic
  • Dimensions: width 110 x height 118 x depth 28 mm
  • Weight: 95 g
  • Ideal for: bathroom, guest WC, entrance, corridor, office