Slings & Carriers

Organic Baby Carriers and Slings

Our Green House moms have all worn their babies so we have a lot of first hand experience with the slings and baby carriers that we have carefully selected. So convenient for mom and so cozy for baby, as far as we can tell baby-wearing is a must! You cannot have too many carriers. Each has its own place in your day. We love organic baby slings for their ease of use, they aren't too bulky to shove into a diaper bag and as baby gets older they still find it comforting to be worn of the hip. Our Ergo and Baby Bjorn carriers have great support for mom's back and can carry even little babies on all kinds of adventures. We have worn our babies on hikes and dads love these carriers too! Baby K'Tan makes an organic baby wrap that easily nestles your newborn close and is as soft as your favorite t shirt. Have questions? A pic of you wearing your babe? Send us an email at or check us out on instagram or facebook!