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Garden Markers Bamboo Garden Markers - Set of 6

Garden Markers

In support of healthy plants!

Our bamboo garden markers are wonderful for indoor or outdoor use. And suitable for container or ground planting.

You can hand label these markers using a ballpoint pen, marker or pencil. And you can use and re-use. Lightly sand off, and begin again.

These also make great bulk food markers too.

Each marker is hand embossed with a bee motif in recognition of garden-friendly bees and our support of the Honey Bee Research Lab at Oregon State University.

  • 7"

Garden Markers Garden Markers - Plant Markers Twigs


You save $7.00!
Herb Garden Kit Herb Garden Kit

Herb Garden Kit

Organic Culinary Herb Garden (basil, parsley, garlic chives, oregano, dill, cilantro, thyme, sage) This Garden Maker is a tested favorite, and the perfect addition to any garden, windowsill, or kitchen. A classic collection of organic culinary herbs to grow in containers or garden space. Chosen for their ease in growing as well as their culinary versatility and ornamental value. Includes: 8 varieties of organic seed, recycled US steel case, garden stakes, pencil, directions. Case 1" high x 7.25 long x 5.25" wide.

Garden Trowel Organic Garden Tool - Trowel

Garden Trowel

Tools for the gardener. Made from nature. Certified organic.

Our garden trowel is surprisingly really durable. It is lightweight, and capable for all soils types. Ideal for breaking up earth, digging small holes. Especially good for planting and weeding, mixing in natural fertilizer or transplanting. The handle has been designed and shaped to fit naturally in the hand. These tools are hand shaped from a single piece of bamboo. Bamboo is the strongest grass on the planet.

“Slices into soil like it was soft butter...”

“…a tool that is such a pleasure to use.”

  • 11"
  • Made from certified organic bamboo.
  • Made without metals, plastics, adhesives, or lacquers.
  • Washes up easily in warm water and a scrub.
  • Each Trowel comes with a simple tag and a waxed cotton tie.

Spruce up your outdoor living area with natural and eco-friendly garden decorations from Our Green House! Invite songbirds to make a cozy nest in our Fair Trade wool birdhouse. Use our natural garden markers to help you remember which row contains your organic kale. Your organic vegetable garden comes full circle when you use your scraps to make compost for next year's garden, give composting a try with one of our countertop sized compost bins. Love your great outdoors!