Fair Trade Jewelry - Leakey Celebration Bracelet - December (Dark Teal)


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We LOVE these new Celebration bracelets for Mother's Day gifts! One beaded bracelet for each child's birth month would be a gift any mom would treasure! They also make stunning birthday presents and anniversary gifts, or use them to celebrate any special occasion or memory. These elegant bracelets are meant to be stacked or mixed and matched to create a story unique to you! We think they look pretty worn alone too!

Celebration bracelets are are a beautiful addition to the Leakey Collection of Fair Trade fashion jewelry. The Leakey designers are always looking for innovative ways to use sustainable, natural resources to create wearable works of art. Founders Katy and Philip Leakey are committed to giving back to the community of the Maasai people of Kenya who hand make Zulugrass jewelry, without disturbing their cultural traditions.

  • December's Celebration bracelet showcases dark teal colored beads
  • Zulugrass grass beads are dyed with colorfast, low-impact dyes
  • Interspersed with hand-blown Czech glass
  • Strung on a thin silver-plated wire
  • Adjustable using a wire-wrapped sliding mechanism
  • Fair Trade certified
  • Hand crafted by the Maasai people of Kenya
Hand crafted by the Maasai women of rural Kenya