Fair Trade The Andean Collection Costa Bracelet - Lemon

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Pile on these adjustable woven bracelets made with acai seeds in your favorite colors, or pair them with any of our tagua bracelets for a more complex look! Nancy and Carlos have been working with Andean Collection since it was founded in 2008. Since working with Andean Collection they’ve greatly expanded their home, as well as their home workshop. The couple used to struggle to make ends meet, but since working with Andean Collection, they now enjoy a sense of ease knowing that they not only can provide for themselves, but also for their six workers. Nancy loves creating jewelry and organizing the workshop. In addition to working with Andean Collection, she manages her own storefront in Otavalo. With the support of Andean Collection’s training program, Carlos finished the Ecuadorian artisan qualification course in 2011, which teaches artisans how to manage and leverage their business, as well as providing them with special benefits such as lower taxes. Andean Collection provides all of Nancy and Carlos’ school aged children with educational scholarships. “It fills us with great pride to know that our work is appreciated throughout the world. Thank you for allowing us to make a living from our craft.”