Mindfulness Activity Cards - Nature Based

2-4 years,4-6 years, 6-8 years, 8 and up

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This set of nature-based mindfulness activity cards seeks to connect children through head and heart to the magic of nature and the world that surrounds them. Each card contains an engaging educational nature lesson and an experiential mindfulness activity. 

  • Infinite Kids in Nature Collection
  • Each deck comes with 22 two-sided cards
  • 20 of the cards include watercolor illustrations of a nature element with a grounding mindfulness reflection, an engaging nature lesson that conveys the wonder and interconnectedness of all things, and a mindfulness practice that ties to the nature element and connects children to the present moment
  • The set also includes 2 activity cards with background information on mindfulness and instructions on how to use the cards for parents, teachers, and caregivers
  • Eco Printed on recycled paper
  • Made in the USA 
Made in the USA.