Touching Base
To the Our Green House Community,

We know these are uncertain times and we wanted to take a moment to let you know that we are thinking about you and your loved ones every day.

So much of what we are experiencing is new, and yet as we write out gift notes for new babies, birthdays, and general well wishes, it becomes clear that some things remain the same.
In the midst of this chaos, we still find cause to celebrate. Babies are still welcomed with love, milestones are still honored. We have felt tremendous gratitude to be included in these moments. They serve to remind us of all the good the world still holds.

We feel it is important to share that we are doing everything possible to protect our customers by abiding by CDC guidelines for workplace safety. We have adapted to working from home full time, and the owner (yes, me:) is working long days to personally ship every one of your packages.

While we long for the day that we can all be together, we understand that this is temporary and we are grateful for your support. Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the spread of COVID-19.

Stay Safe,

Pam Davis


From day one, Our Green House has been a family-first company.

Davis Family circa 2003

As they began having children, owners Pam & Mike Davis sought out safe and healthy alternatives to use in their own home. Together they discovered new products, learned about the benefits of natural living, and felt compelled to share these discoveries with others.

Balancing work and family has always been the main focus, not only for them – but for their team as well. Encouraged to work from home, employees easily adapt their work schedules to the needs of their own families.

A growing awareness of what it means to be a socially conscious company inspired them to reach out to global communities, sourcing fair trade products that support the well-being of both artisan and consumer families.

We’re committed to sourcing eco-friendly gifts that literally everyone will love. Each gift has a deeper meaning and purpose – positively impacting families and communities around the world.